Mass Recruitment

Mass Recruitment in Kenya

When major IT companies, retail giants, industrial concerns, manufacturers and telecom providers need to attract, qualify and hire a large number of employees within a short period of time, they call on Crystal Recruitment. Expanding an existing business and workforce optimization all require swift, yet accurate, employment of a large number of workers possessing similar qualifications to perform comparable tasks.

Mass recruitment efforts often swamp internal HR departments. Our specially assigned account manager first works shoulder to shoulder with our client’s HR team to prepare a meticulous needs assessment. Then we devise a specific recruitment plan, taking care to maintain an optimal level of cost and time expenditures. This cooperation guarantees the internal control of the project while outsourcing the process.

As Kenya’s largest HR company, we possess the tools and capacity required to attract and process a significant number of recruits selected from our own internal database of prequalified candidates and responses to carefully placed advertisements in the press and on the web.

After initial screening, professional recruiters in our dozens of local offices speedily conduct interviews, psychological assessment and knowledge and skills tests. Depending upon the project size and duration, Work Service can establish, maintain and operate an internal or external assessment center.

Individual solutions to mass recruitment includes:

  • Preparing needs assessment by professionals with proven experience and extensive knowledge of local labor market;
  • Assistance in creating job descriptions and pay scales;
  • Preparing and placing of advertisements in specialty press;
  • Prequalifying responses, checking skill set, education and references;
  • Arranging and conducting interviews, skill tests and other diagnostic assessments;
  • Preparing and presenting contracts;
  • Initial training.

Mass Recruitment services provides our clients with:

  • An experienced team of recruiters
  • Discretion and full confidentiality;
  • Extensive logistic and organizational platform in Poland and Central Europe to speedily implement the largest projects;
  • A wide range of modern tools for the selection, verification and in-depth assessment of the candidates’ compentencies in a short period of time;
  • Verified candidate quality that improves retention rates for the employee’s long-term success at your company, reducing turnover and future HR expenses;
  • Effectively manage recruitment costs based upon the success fee model, paid only in case of acceptance and employment of the selected candidates;
  • A dedicated HR consultant that ensures seamless communication and coordination of the entire project regardless of size or complexity;

A Solid Partnership

Crustal Recruitment has the skills, tools, competence and size required to successfully complete each stage of the multifaceted mass recruitment process. Crustal Recruitment is the region’s largest HR outsourcing company, with Kenya’s largest database of qualified workers, a proven recruitment process and the best reporting tools available. Crustal Recruitment is uniquely qualified to integrate mass recruitment with our other proven solutions to provide a comprehensive solution for your HR outsourcing needs.

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