Information & Tech Recruitment

Information & Technology Recruitment in Kenya

IT jobs marketplace changes rapidly, and Crystal Recruitment recruiters know that your company needs the very best and brightest in the technology industry, and you need them onboard today. Our recruiters know where and how to find the talent you need. We continually update our pool of qualified professionals—quickly finding the accomplished candidates with the greatest experience and proven track records.

Crystal Recruitment is the premier resource for finding and filling executive technology jobs, and our demonstrated consultants are experts in the recruiting market. We help place technology talent in a range of IT jobs. From systems analysts to CIO, our IT recruiters consistently deliver demonstrated, skilled talent for technology jobs.

Our recruiters are committed to knowing about different positions, emerging technologies and systems our customers require for their business. We understand the difference between a Systems and DevOps role, and know that Data Architecture and Data Warehousing are not the same thing. We can place JavaScript and .NET Developers in jobs where their skills can be utilized. Our team averages more than five years of technical recruiting experience, and many of them have worked in the IT profession, which helps them connect the right candidate to the specific IT job.

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