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Favoritism in the Workplace: How To Spot and Prevent It

Favoritism in the workplace is a common yet insidious phenomenon that can erode morale, decrease productivity, and undermine organizational culture. When employees perceive that certain individuals receive preferential treatment based on personal relationships or biases, it can lead to feelings ...

Achieving Transparency in the Workplace: Strategies for Success (With Examples)

Transparency in the workplace is essential for fostering trust, promoting open communication, and ensuring accountability among employees and leaders. When organizations prioritize transparency, they create an environment where information is readily shared, decisions are explained, and feedback is welcomed. In ...

HR Consulting Services

We help manage employment related matters and addresses the myriad of new legislative requirements that keep employers up at night.

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A Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) provider

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As Kenya’s largest HR company, we possess the tools

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Crystal Recruitment has a variety of positions

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We help you find the best people, build successful

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We are the regional HR Hub that provides key HR Service

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